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About us

In Computing, Binary refers to an executable, a type of binary file that contains machine code for the computer to execute. A Laboratory, or lab, is a place providing an opportunity for experimentation, observation, or practice in a field of study; in our case, software development.

Sky full of starts

* app makers

Binaries Lab is a German software development company founded in 2020 by Marcelo M Sarquis, with office in Kleve. Software is, and always has been, one of the biggest passions of Marcelo's life. The power of software making deep changes on people’s life with just a few lines of code fascinates him and he has focused his entire life into learning technology.

Marcelo's first app was called Clock Feed, launched in 2016 to the AppStore. The easiest way to describe Clock Feed is basically trying to have an alarm clock on steroids. For Marcelo, every morning after the alarm clock was fired, he spent time reading the news, planning his upcoming day, checking the weather to see which type of clothing he was going to wear. For him, the alarm clock was not strong enough, so he built an alarm clock that could broadcast the news, based on some specific topics, broadcast the daily agenda and how the weather would be like. It was a simple app, but without Clock Feed, Binaries Lab might not be founded four years later. It eventually went out of sale from the AppStore due to the barriers that the OS imposes on third-party apps that aims to build alarm clocks, besides, not all users really needed/wanted an alarm clock on steroids.

The second application launched to the AppStore was called Gratehatch, following one of the biggest Marcelo's hobbies: cooking. One of the biggest challenges as a home cook, was (and maybe still is) to know what one can cook with the ingredients available at home. He cannot remember the amount of times he open the fridge and thought: what can I cook with half onion, mayonnaise and eggs? His goal was to have an app that he could input the ingredients he had at home, and the app would give him different types of recipes he could cook with - and that is what he did. He created a social media platform, frontend iOS app and backend, where users could share recipes into the network and search for different recipes based on the ingredients they had at home. As the idea still is relevant to this day, the approach aiming a social network was not ideal and he decided to take the app our of market. He encourage others to build something like this so he can finally knows what to cook with half onion, mayonnaise and eggs.

Transcriber was his third app and is still live on the AppStore today. Transcriber was born from a group conversation among his friends where each person was describing what bother him/her the most at their jobs. One of them, a journalist, mention that the worst part of their job is to transcribe the recorded interview into text and send it to his editor so the paper could print as fast as possible. Transcriber was initially launched under credits systems - users would need an amount of minutes-credit to transcribe an interview; for example one could buy 30 minutes-credits to transcribe a 30min interview recording. That system was not ideal because when you have to cancel the service or when the audio is not ideal, you ended up buying audio-to-text-conversion-credit and not using it. He then converted the credits plan into a subscription plan: The user would subscribe to a monthly fee and could transcribe as many interviews and as wanted. As the years passed by, new features was added around the main functionality of the app, like being able to lock a sensitive-data-interview that only you could access it, or sharing its transcriptions via PDF. The natural evolution of the interviews made me create a document-based file, with its own extension “trbr”, just like a word file “.doc”, where users could share the complete files among them, where the file is encrypted and secure. Today Transcriber is running on iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and a new macOS version for the Mac.

Migrate was the fourth app launched born from the necessity of transferring WordPress website from one server to another. Migrate is a B2C app for macOS that automates the process of pushing and pulling website, files and database, from/to a server, a local development computer, cloud space and zip archives.

He is working currently on something else but he cannot write it about it yet...

Core Values

For us, core values are written in stone and represents who we are and what we stand for.

We build products we believe in.

We are here to make a positive change in the world as well as to make a profit.

Each person is important; each has the opportunity and the obligation to make a difference.

We have a no-blame culture; we are all together on the journey.

No servants under. No boss overhead. The best idea wins.

Design matters.

Status-quo breaker culture.

1% inspirational. 99% transpirational.

We are enthusiastic people! Execution is the magic. Not the idea.

Love-what-you-do culture.

Put yourself into customer's shoe.

Be proud of the result of your work.

Something need to be believed to be seen.

"Work" or "doesn't work" is all that matters.

"Value" is different from "price".

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